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Month: February 2018

Google & Microsoft Certified Digital Marketing Specialist

Why Programmatic Advertising is the Future of Ad Buying?

  Author: Richa Rajput Digital Marketing Professional Programmatic ad buying is the hottest Digital Marketing trend that has changed the face of online advertising and media buying but there’s still confusion about what actually it is! According to a recent estimate by e-marketer, programmatic advertising will hit close to $33 billion this year. Marketing professionals are…
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Master Inbound Marketing Strategies

  Author: Richa Rajput Digital Marketing Professional What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is a customer focused business approach to generate leads by attracting qualified prospects, drive sales and grows your business. It’s is all about being a part of the conversation and sharing relevant problem solving content with the world and create marketing that people…
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Content Marketing: An Art of Communicating without Selling

  Author: Richa Rajput Digital Marketing Professional   “While customers may love your product or service, they’re really going to love the content you produce if it’s helpful to them.” In a crowded business informational place, marketer needs to stand out and this is when Content marketing comes into picture. So, now the question arises…
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